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Meet the team - Anna Cibinel

Updated: May 2

Name: Dr Anna Cibinel

Job Title: Performance Data Analyst

Qualifications and Experience?

I have a somewhat different background than the other members of the team, as prior to joining Body Rocket I was a researcher in astrophysics. I obtained my MSc degree in Astronomy at the University of Padova, Italy and did my PhD studies at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. I continued carrying out fundamental research during two postdoc positions and, after a career break, I jumped from academia to the world of cycling aerodynamic sensors! I've been working as a Data Analyst at Body Rocket since 2019, where I use my knowledge in data analysis to help improve the performance of our device.

What do you work on at Body Rocket?

Broadly speaking, I am in charge of validating the data we record from our device but the actual tasks in my daily work are quite varied and evolved a lot since I first started.

I began from the basics of quantifying the accuracy of the sensor calibration, but then moved to a more complex role which involves overseeing the core algorithms behind our drag force measurements, interfacing with collaborators at Universities and helping extract relevant signals from the data. I also developed some of the visualisation tools & dashboards we use to provide live feedback to athletes when testing. This is something my more “artistic” side quite enjoyed doing.

A standard day in the office (which for me is remote) will see me help the rest of the R&D team verify we get accurate drag measurements from the lab bikes, with the processing of the sensor calibrations, as well as with some data troubleshooting when needed.

How do you see Body Rocket changing performance cycling?

The very first thing is obviously that by providing to the rider accurate measurements of their body drag force in real-time, they can adjust their position to optimise aerodynamics, which means going faster and making significant performance gains.

But as we are now starting to work with athletes and explore in more detail the power of the data we collect, it is amazing to see how much more information beyond drag and CdA our device can provide to inform tailored training. Because of the way our system works, we can monitor things like body position changes and imbalances, signs of fatigue settling in, cycling styles, and how all of those impact the rider aerodynamics. This is inaccessible knowledge at the moment and it will for sure change the way people train.

What do you like about working at Body Rocket?

There are several things I like about working at Body Rocket: there is a lot of fundamental physics involved in how our sensors work which is something I really enjoy, we have the opportunity to work with world class athletes as well as support academic research and, in general, I am really proud of being part of an excellent team of very skilled people making this exciting new technology available to everyone.

Any hobbies and interests outside of work?

Classic and electric guitar playing, learning languages, swimming. But, don’t tell anybody, I am not a great cyclist!

Fun Fact about you?

In my previous career, I had the privilege to be in a telescope control room near the Chilean Atacama Desert while observing 1000s of galaxies.


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