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Meet the team - Jordan Bolland

Updated: May 2

Name: Jordan Bolland

Job Title: Lead Research and Development Engineer

Qualifications and Experience?

I attended the University of Sheffield Hallam and graduated with an MSc in Sports Engineering back in 2017.

I landed my role in the spring of 2018 and have the official title as the first employee at Body Rocket! Working directly alongside founder Eric DeGolier and further down the road, CTO Neil Newell, has allowed me to employ my engineering expertise supported by two of the most passionate and seasoned industry leaders in a creative and technically advanced environment.

What do you work on at Body Rocket?

My journey started as a graduate mechanical design engineer. I learnt the first principles of the system, put a lot of time and effort into increasing the accuracy of our calibration process, designing load cells and mounting fixtures and learning basic trends from our lab based data collection. Move forward to now, I have a new role overseeing the R&D side of the company, the tasks are fairly broad but some of the main operations include: developing a commercially viable installation method for our system, designing mounting fixtures for various 'exotic' bikes, working with high profile athletes and leading trips away whether that be with a beta testing team, showcasing our latest tech, or working alongside our partners such as BMC.

When I'm working in the office I spend a lot of time working with Anna and Neil figuring out trends in the data and subsequently making data driven decisions to improve our system.

How do you see Body Rocket changing performance cycling?

More aero = more speed. I see cycling becoming a 'well oiled machine' but one of the biggest performance gains is still to be uncovered. I really see us having the same impact as when cycling power meters entered the conversation. When we are ready to release our product, I really do think it would be an unfair advantage if only one pro world tour team had our system....

What do you like about working at Body Rocket?

Having the opportunity to travel with work is amazing - working with BMC, Kristian and Gustav is great and I feel lucky to be in that position, but ultimately the best thing is we have a collection of people driving hard towards a product which has never been done before.

Any hobbies and interests outside of work?

Cycling (of course!!).... running and music

Fun Fact about you?

When I was young and dumb I ventured across Vietnam on 2 wheels.


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