We want to make athletes go faster on the bike. The good thing is, athletes also want to go faster on the bike - it’s a perfect harmony.
We’re working with some of the world’s best athletes to uncover data that they've never been privy to - even after years of professional cycling and many, many wind tunnel sessions.

Kristian Blummenfelt

Kristian is an Olympic and World Champion gold medallist and reigning Ironman World Champion, as well as world record holder for the Ironman distance in the eminent Sub-7 Project.

“I am super excited to be partnering with Body Rocket. I have confidence in my performance at Kona later this year but it’s important to always stay on the cutting edge of technology. Having this next-level data about aerodynamics, in real-time, will help to identify improvements we can’t currently evaluate.”

Gustav Iden

Gustav is a two-time winner of the Ironman 70.3 World Championship, and is an esteemed triathlete on both the ITU and middle distance triathlon circuit.

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Alex Dowsett
Professional cyclist

Hardly requiring an introduction, Alex Dowsett is one of Britain’s most highly reputed time trial cyclists. Former Hour Record holder and Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Alex boasts an impressive career in professional cycling, and has joined Body Rocket as an investor and advisor. 


We are conducting regular testing with Alex, and we’re proud to say that our system has provided him with data insights that he’s never seen before across his entire professional career.


“Over a decade as a pro and you’ve told me the why around the saddle shifting, where no-one else could.”

Alex Dowsett

Alex Dowsett


Paul Ruttman
Professional triathlete

Austrian professional triathlete Paul is one of the fastest cyclists on the triathlon circuit, and we have run some velodrome sessions with him to test various kit and helmets - with the ultimate goal of finding out which combination is the fastest. “It really works. The CdA increases or drops, that’s truly mind blowing I think.”

Paul Ruttman

Paul Ruttman

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