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Body Rocket Team


There was once a day where every cyclist thought they could ‘feel’ when they were aero. Everyone else thought aero wheels mattered more than your body. Then Body Rocket tore up the establishment’s rule book and proved there was a better way.

We're on a mission to revolutionise how cyclists train and race by giving them an aerodynamic advantage.
Join the adventure!

We’re a dynamic, fast-growing startup and we’re frequently on the lookout for skilled, passionate, and cycling-mad team members to join us on our exciting adventure.
Open roles are available to view and apply for below.

We're not currently recruiting for any roles but if you think you'd be a good fit for Body Rocket then drop us a line.

Our technical team consists of mechanical, electronic, and software engineers (embedded, front end, back end development), as well as data analysis and machine learning. Our operations, marketing, and sales teams will also all have opportunities as we grow in the coming months.
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