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Only 500 'Founder's Edition' devices available for pre-order

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We’re opening up an exclusive opportunity to pre-order* the special Founder's Edition of the Body Rocket device, so you can be the first to be ‘riding to aero’. 
Only 500 units available for pre-order at a special edition introductory price of £1799 (RRP will be £1999).
With just a £250 deposit, you can be one of the first to pre-order cycling's next big thing.
Your deposit is fully refundable until the official confirmation date of 21st July 2021*.
Body Rocket is transforming cycling performance. With four sensors located on the stem, seat post and pedals, the device will measure real-time drag force as you cycle on the road, enabling you to adjust your position for optimal aerodynamics. This equates to free speed. #youraeroadvantage
What's included?
Your pre-order is for the special Founder's Edition of the Body Rocket system, and will ensure that you are one of the first to receive the device when it launches in late 2021.
Your order will include:
  • A special Founder's Edition of the Body Rocket system with a unique serial number and a signature design
  • Integrated sensors which attach to the seatpost and the handlebar
  • Body Rocket's own proprietary Look-style power pedals with integrated sensor technology
  • A welcome pack with premium Body Rocket goodies (delivered after 21st July)
  • Access to an exclusive Body Rocket member's area 

Your deposit will be fully refundable until 21st July 2021*.

Currently, Body Rocket's aerodynamic data will only be retrieved via a Garmin bike computer.

The Body Rocket device will initially only be compatible with certain bike brands/makes and models. Check the full list of compatible bikes

Have you got a discount code?

Thank you for your interest in the Body Rocket system. Discounts cannot be applied against this deposit but please note, your discount (investors / early ambassadors) will be applied on the Confirmation Date by the 21st July and processed on check out prior to shipping when we process the remaining balance. We've got your back. Book now and put your deposit down to make sure you’re first.


Tell me more...

Your body accounts for 80% of drag when cycling. Yes, you can get all the fancy carbon wheels and aero-shaped bottles you like, but you could be losing speed through your body position. Even if you think your bike position is pretty aero - how do you actually know?


We’re changing that. In the same way you train or race to power, the future of cycling is training to aero. Our device has been validated against the gold standard - full scale wind tunnels and track - and is accurate within 2.5%. But it’s all about how you ride on the road in real-life, hour after hour, day after day.


So our device has also been tested against multi-directional wind force, fluctuating elevation profiles and different sources of road surface friction, so your aerodynamics data is tuned in to real-life conditions. Pretty cool, even for us - and we’re just a bunch of geeks.

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* Designs are for illustrative purposes and the final product may change visually prior to commercial launch in 2021. 

*Terms & Conditions apply.