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Body Rocket.

Real-time aero.

No more guessing.

More speed.


The answer is YOU.


80% of aerodynamic drag is created by your body: your position, your clothing and the way you move as you ride. 

The problem is, right now the only way to accurately measure your aerodynamic drag is to pay for an expensive test session at a wind tunnel or velodrome. 


Even then, the results you get under lab conditions are likely to vary significantly from those you’ll experience on the open road. It can be hard to judge whether you’re replicating the same optimal positioning you were shown in the lab. 

That’s why Body Rocket is a game-changer. It’s a device that fits on your bike, measuring drag on every ride.


You’ve invested in the carbon bike with aero bars, the carbon wheels, the teardrop helmet. What’s left to improve? 

How does it work?


Data collected by sensors on your seat post, handlebars and pedals are beamed wirelessly to a Garmin cycle computer, giving you precise, real-time feedback as you experiment with different positions, movements and kit. 


Then, after each session you can sit down and analyse the data on our app to identify incremental improvements. Get answers to questions such as: 

What’s my optimal riding position? 


Will adjusting my saddle help me go faster? 


Which helmet is more aerodynamic? 

Body Rocket wind tunnelon the road aerodynamics

"This provides a real-time black & white opportunity to understand what’s working and what’s not working, and that is absolutely fantastic!"


Yanto Banker, Former Pro cyclist & Founder of LeCol

How is this different to other on-bike aero measurement tools on the market?


These rely on estimates to calculate drag. Body Rocket’s patented aero system directly measures drag force, using the same technology as the gold standard wind tunnels.  

Our device doesn't have to make estimates for rolling resistance, drivetrain losses, and weight changes like other on-bike aero systems, which are all significant sources of error. Body Rocket has been validated through wind tunnel testing, where all other devices simply can't be.

That means constant, reliable data. No need to find a smooth, traffic free road with no stop signs. Ride with it all the time and understand the full picture of your aerodynamics.

Body Rocket WIND TUNNEL.jpg

“The reason I invested my money into Body Rocket, is because it solves the biggest problem that cyclists have."

Beppo H. Sports tech entrepreneur, 30+ years cycling industry executive roles & BR lead investor

Sounds great, where can I buy it?


We’ll be taking pre-orders  very soon!


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Who's on your team?


“After 1000’s of hours of work by a very dedicated team, Body Rocket have finally cracked it and now hold the key to the ultimate cycling game changer.”

Piers B. Entrepreneur & BR Angel investor

Eric DeGolier (CEO/Founder)

came up with the idea for Body Rocket while training to compete at the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, as the able bodied tandem captain with three-time Paralympian Matt King in the match sprint and kilo. A design engineer, he’s worked for industry leaders Trek Bicycles, PowerTap, and CycleOps.


Marcus Hoenig (CCO)

has had a fulfilling career as an entrepreneur and then as the CCO at D3O, where he lead the commercial team and strategy from its early sub-£200k  stage to become the world’s leading impact protection technology company, valued at £15 million.


Beppo Hilfiger is the former VP of Cannondale Europe. He now sits on the board of Specialized and has ongoing investments in several successful running and cycling tech startups. He first invested in Body Rocket in April 2018 and continues to back the company both financially, and in an advisory role.


Neil Newell (CTO)

has 20+ years of experience in software, firmware, and electronics. He is a successful entrepreneur who has founded several companies. Previous ventures include the first commercially successful multi-player online game in the UK, and founder of Ashpool Telecom, which successfully floated on the Plus Markets Exchange.


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